Dirt separation & Centrifugal pumps

Dirt separation & Centrifugal pumps

Dirt separation & Centrifugal pumps

Dirt separation & Centrifugal pumps

Dirt separation

The quality of the water determines the performance of cooling and heating installations. A system with dirty water is less cost-effective. Usually the dirt is caused by the ingress of oxygen into the installations. In turn, this produces resistance losses, additional wear and tear, unnecessary faults, disruption to the systems, reduced pump performance and irritating noises. Consequences: a lack of comfort, unnecessary loss of energy and a shorter service life of the system. It is therefore important to deaerate as quickly and efficiently as possible and to remove already present particles of dirt.

Partial flow filters


Within our range of dirt separation systems, we have our own manufactured partial flow filters, a quality product at a very attractive price.

The SDF part flow filter series offers superior corrosion resistance through the use of stainless steel 316. This guarantees lasting performance year after year. The series has five capacities, namely 6, 12, 20, 36 and 54 m³/h.

Partial flow filters with pump

SFU+ & SFUP+ (6 – 108)

We also supply complete filter units, a part-flow filter is supplemented with a carefully selected circulation pump. Again a highly effective design for efficient filtration of the sub-flow.

The SOTEX SFU+ models are available in a standard version and a ‘P’ version. Both provided with piping with flanged connection and is mounted on a stainless steel frame. The SFU(P)+ series has capacities of 6, 12, 20, 36, 54, 72 and 108 m³/h as standard. The SFUP+ series features a digital pressure difference sensor.

SFU 2+

The latest addition to the SFU program is the SFU 2+, also a Sotex partial flow filter supplemented with a suitable circulation pump.

This SFU 2+ can easily be used as a wall-mounted unit and is ideal for somewhat smaller system volumes. More information in the product sheet.

Automatic filter units

Cleanomat® Pro

The fully automatic filter units type Cleanomat® are the easiest to use.

Designed in their basic version as an SFU+ unit, supplemented with a carefully selected centrifugal pump, switch panel with Siemens PLC and Touchscreen together with a robust pressure difference measurement with signaling when the filter bag is due for replacement. All this assembled on a stainless steel tube frame complete with piping. An extremely effective design to ensure that the partial flow filtration is fully automatic.


Dirt separators

Flamco Clean Smart

The Flamco Clean Smart has been specially designed to remove solid particles of dirt (placed in-line).

In the bottom part is an area which is free of turbulence. This gives the relatively heavy particles the opportunity to sink to the bottom. The dirt particles cannot get back into the system. The sediment can escape through the drain cock on the bottom.


Flamco Clean Smart

Flamco Clean Smart

Flamco Clean Smart Compact

Flamco Clean Smart Compact

Combined dirt and air separators

Flamcovent Clean Smart

The Flamcovent Clean has been specially designed to remove not only air but also persistent dirt particles.

In the bottom part is an area which is free of turbulence. This gives dirt particles, which are heavier than water, the opportunity to sink to the bottom and the air bubbles the opportunity to rise, after which they are discharged via the float vent.


Centrifugal pumps

SOTEX can be of service to you for good advice in the field of centrifugal pumps. By using centrifugal pumps in our products for many years, we have thorough knowledge. The right pump for the right application and also the corresponding accessories.

SOTEX advises, supplies and maintains Grundfos type TP, NB and CR(E) pumps, which we also apply to our expansion vessels and filter units. If you have a request please contact our sales department, we will be happy to help you! 

Centrifugaalpompen Grundfos NB
Centrifugaalpompen Grundfos TP

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