De-aeration, degassing & safety valves

De-aeration, degassing & safety valves

De-aeration and degassing

The quality of the water determines the performance of cooling and heating installations. A system with oxygen-rich water works less efficiently. Oxygen penetrates systems in various ways, resulting in corrosion and the formation of sludge. In turn, this produces resistance losses, additional wear and tear, unnecessary faults, disruption to the systems, reduced pump performance and irritating noises. Consequences: a lack of comfort, unnecessary loss of energy and a shorter service life of the system. It is therefore important to deaerate as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Float vents


Flexvent automatic floatvents can be used in sealed cooling and heating systems up to a maximum temperature of 120°C and a maximum pressure of 10 bar.

If underpressure is registered in the installation, e.g. when draining the installation, the Flexvent floatvent works to admit air.

Microbubble air separators


The Flamcovent air separators are used in sealed central cooling and heating systems up to a maximum temperature of 120 °C and a maximum pressure of 10 bar.

Flamcovent air separators have electrostatically applied powder coating, which creates a smooth and even red coat of paint. This Flamcovent has welded or flanged connections. Flamcovent air separators of size DN50 and larger come with a CE type approval.

Degassing devices

Vacumat Eco

This pressure-temperature controlled installation degasses extremely accurately and effectively. The Vacumat Eco degasses at least seven times faster through the much greater and fully continuous degassing capacity.

Removing gases more quickly limits as much damage to the system as possible, avoids unnecessary faults and expensive repairs, and extends the life of the system. The Vacumat Eco is also eight times more energy efficient than the deaeration systems currently available on the market.



The ENA vacuum degassing/top-up device can be used both in sealed central heating systems and in sealed cooling and air conditioning systems.

The ENA is used in combination with a Flexcon membrane pressure expansion vessel or a Flexcon MK expansion vessel. The maximum ingestion temperature for the ENA is 70°C. The ENA is suitable for system pressures of more than 0.8 bar.

Water suppletion units


The ENA and Vacumat Eco degassers can also be used as a refill machine as an option. If necessary, water will be added to the system via the degassing installation. The water will first be degassed by the ENA/Vacumat Eco before it enters the system. In addition to switching on the software, an NFE water replenishment unit must be connected.

Combined air and dirt separators

Flamcovent Clean Smart

The Flamcovent Clean has been specially designed to remove not only air but also persistent dirt particles.

In the bottom part is an area which is free of turbulence. This gives dirt particles, which are heavier than water, the opportunity to sink to the bottom and the air bubbles the opportunity to rise, after which they are discharged via the float vent.

Pressure safety

Prescor S pressure safety valves

SOTEX delivers an extremely wide selection of blow-off valves and boiler safety devices, all of them spring-loaded.

In addition to the familiar Prescor S pressure safety valves (1” through 2”), SOTEX also sells boiler safety valves from ARI (DN40 through DN150) for both hot water and steam boilers. It goes without saying that we can also offer you these products at very competitive prices. Our sales department will be glad to assist you.

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