Air Receivers and Compressed Air

Air Receivers and Compressed Air

SOTEX can be of service to you for good advice in the field of compressed air. The right compressor for the right application as well as the related compressed air treatment. Thanks to our many years of experience with a wide range of compressors and air treatment options for our nitrogen generators, we can now call ourselves a specialist in this field. SOTEX advises, supplies and maintains every brand of professional compressor, considering that we are a dealer of Atlas Copco and Gentilin compressors.

Sotex: specialist in the field

Each application has its own specific characteristics, which makes a sophisticated compressed air treatment of great importance. Factors include the correct filters (dust, moisture, oil vapour), the correct cooling or adsorption dryers (moisture separation) as well as active carbon adsorbers (saturated oil vapour capture). All rounded off with an oil/water separator, of course.


In addition, SOTEX can also take care of the pipework and ducting if required. Complemented by a wide range of compressed air instrumentation & fittings, SOTEX makes it an all-in supplier.

Pressure vessels


Sotex supplies high-quality steel pressure vessels (11 bar) in any desired RAL colour or hot-dip galvanised (combination of both also possible).

Delivery of special models and / or different pressures, temperatures on request. Naturally, the SOTEX SBV pressure vessels comply with the European Directives for Pressure Equipment (PED CE). Upon request we can also supply ASME pressure vessels for the American and Canadian markets and/or with EAC certification for the Russian market.


Atlas Copco & Gentilin

SOTEX advises on an supplies all brands of compressor. It should be noted that our specialism is primarily within the field of professional applications and that we are a dealer of Atlas Copco screw compressors and Gentilin industrial piston compressors.

Compressed Air Treatment

SAC Air Cleaner

SOTEX supplies compressed air vessels and compressors. The correct treatment of the compressed air is an absolute necessity. Needless to say, compressed air systems have separately supplied refrigeration or membrane dryers, compressed air filters and oil/water separators, but SOTEX also supplies complete SAC compressed air treatment units.

The main advantage is that the complete compressed air treatment system is housed in a stainless steel tubular frame, which makes it easy to place and connect. Plug & Play.

Sotex: Air Receivers and Compressed Air