Since the foundation of Sotex in 2002, we have been mainly active in industry, utility and horticulture. Here we produce and supply conventional expansion systems, nitrogen expansion systems, water filtration and degassing, and other accessories for the heating and cooling installations on a project basis. Our customers are installation companies, both nationally and internationally.

We are specialists in the field of nitrogen generators, expansion systems, pumps, water filtration and compressed air systems. The nitrogen supplied by the nitrogen generators we produce can be used by you for all kinds of purposes, such as tank blanketing or in production processes.

In addition to the production of its own systems, SOTEX is the exclusive representative of the manufacturer FLAMCO. The comprehensive package created by this combination offers a solution for every situation, anywhere in the world!


The supply of complete compressed air installations is also an important activity of our dynamic company, as is our range of water filtering installations and pumps.

Sotex complete compressed air installations

Based on our expertise with pumps applied to our expansion and water filtration systems, we also advise and supply GRUNDFOS centrifugal pumps.

Grundfos Pumps
Sotex: Noordbaan 890, Moordrecht, Holland
SOTEX Service & Support
Sotex: Noordbaan 890, Moordrecht, Holland
Nitrogen generators


Expansion systems


Dirt separation & Centrifugal pumps

Dirt separation
and centrifugal pumps

De-aeration, degassing & Safety valves

De-aeration, degassing and safety valves

24/7 service & support

24/7 service & support

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Moordrecht, Holland

Moordrecht, Holland

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VCA* certified

SOTEX and its
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are VCA* certified.

by Sotex

Made by Sotex

SOTEX also develops and manufactures its own systems.

high quality,
great service

SOTEX’s entire range of products is characterized by high quality and reliability. Nevertheless, of course, there is always the possibility of a defect or malfunction. It is very important that you can count on adequate service when this happens. SOTEX attaches great importance to service and accessibility.

Our 24-hour service is always there to advise and assist you. Faults or defects are quickly and professionally solved by our own technicians. So also at night, at weekends and during holidays.

For us this is a matter of course, for you it is extremely important and convenient!